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What is the Asian Handicap? The easiest way to understand the Asian Handicap odds

As many people know, the European Handicap is a quite popular type of bet and is loved by many, especially football enthusiasts. So what is the specific concept of the European Handicap? We will share the most accurate and effective way to read European Handicap odds through the article below.

What is the European Handicap?

The European Handicap, also known as the 1×2 bet, is a common type of bet found on the betting tables of bookmakers. The European Handicap is highly regarded by many players for its simplicity, ease of play, and likelihood of winning. With this type of bet, you don't have to think too much about odds or your goals; you just need to choose one of the three options.

Specifically, with this level of betting, bookmakers offer three different odds depending on the outcome of the home team. Your task is to choose one of the three odds to place your bet. This means you don't have to worry about the score; you only need to worry about the outcome of the match. Additionally, the European Handicap is divided into first-half bets and full-match bets.

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How to read European Handicap odds from bookmakers

As previously noted by experts, the European handicap will feature three corresponding betting odds for the home team's win, loss, and draw outcomes. However, to better understand how to interpret these odds, you first need to familiarize yourself with the symbols and how they appear in the handicap odds table.

Also known as the 1×2 handicap, the European handicap on the bookmaker's odds table is listed in the 1×2 column. The home team is listed first, followed by the away team, with the third line indicating "Draw," meaning a tied result.

The team favored by the bookmaker will be displayed in red, indicating the superior team. This red team will have lower odds compared to their opponent.

When reading the European handicap chart from the bookmaker, you can easily identify three vertical rows corresponding to three betting odds, representing the home team's win – draw – loss outcomes.

In which:

1 is the symbol for the home team

X stands for a draw

2 is the symbol for the away team.

No matter which bet you place, you'll receive money if that bet wins.

Examples of European Handicap odds

As mentioned, with three possible outcomes to bet on, when engaging in European handicap betting, players have a very high chance of winning (around 33.33%). This is a relatively high and safe odds for newcomers to betting. However, if you want to bet with higher odds, you need to know how to read the European handicap odds for each tournament and match.

Looking at the odds table, you can see that the full match odds between Crystal Palace vs Brighton are 1.86 4.65 3.50. Crystal Palace is the home team, Brighton is the away team, and Crystal Palace, highlighted in red, is the favored team, rated higher than the opponent Brighton.

These odds correspond to the outcomes of Crystal Palace winning, losing, and drawing.

If Crystal Palace wins, you will receive 1.86 times your initial bet.

If Crystal Palace draws with Brighton, the winner will receive 3.50 times their initial bet.

If you bet on Crystal Palace and they win, you will receive 4.65 times your initial bet.

We can see that reading European handicap odds is quite simple. Of course, we cannot rely solely on luck. To make the most accurate choices, you need to thoroughly research information about both teams. Understanding both teams as well as reading European handicap odds will help you make the most accurate decisions and achieve the highest wins.

Sharing experiences when playing European Handicap

Not only knowing how to play, but you also need a bit of luck, experience, and useful advice to place this type of bet. Here are some soccer hot tips for today you shouldn't overlook when playing:

Seek information about European handicap matches

As mentioned above, seeking information is crucial when betting on European handicap matches. Understanding the situation of both teams can help you make appropriate decisions, especially in matches with low odds.

Start by examining the history of both teams, their current lineup, their strengths, the nature of the match, and the form of the players in each team.

Don't fall into the bookmaker's trap when betting on European handicap

In some matches, there may be a significant difference between the win and loss odds for the home team. This is one of the traps set by bookmakers. Some European handicap bettors, lacking experience, may be tempted to bet immediately upon seeing high odds, but these traps often lead to the bettor's failure.

According to the experience of seasoned European handicap bettors, it is very difficult to win a match with high odds, even a draw. Therefore, players should think carefully before betting in this type of bet.

Choose the right time to place European handicap bets

It's advisable to place bets 3-5 days before the match starts, as this is the most appropriate time because at this stage, the odds are usually more accurate and stable.

As the match day approaches, bookmakers often change the odds frequently, so it's not recommended to place bets at this time.


Above is the simplest and most detailed way to read European handicap odds. sportytrader hopes that through this, you have understood how to read the odds and gained valuable experience to win when betting on any match.


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